Today is exactly one year since we announced the release of Ultibo core and while there is still a bit of work to do we’ve actually come a long way in a short time. Rather than recap our achievements over the past 12 months we started to think about all the people we’ve met along the way, a few of them have come and gone but many have stuck around.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that Ultibo has attracted interest from a very broad range of people, some old(er), some young(ish) and quite a few in between. There’s been some who are just starting out and others who have seen it all before, one or two who tell us they’ve been waiting years for something like this to come along and even a couple who may have been expecting something rather different from the reality.

We’ve seen a few entrepreneurs, hardware vendors and component suppliers appear in a flurry of excitement at the potential for what they could do with Ultibo, and then slip away quietly when faced with the reality that even open source costs money to develop.

There’s also an interesting, and somewhat surprising, group of people who apparently could either recreate what we’ve done in little more than a weekend or did exactly that 20 years ago but have decided not to contribute anything right now because we need the experience of doing it ourselves.

So far we’ve heard very little from the Raspberry Pi foundation, but they haven’t heard much from us either. Maybe the recent announcement of a new Linux distribution for the PC signals a change of direction, hopefully it doesn’t become a loss of focus.

A project like Ultibo is all about people and as well as a collection of colorful characters we’ve also found a great bunch of passionate people who believe in what we’re doing. We’re pretty sure the second year will be as eventful as the first and we really don’t have far to go, just around the corner and down the road a bit.

We hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the journey with us.

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