Ultibo Core

Full featured environment for making embedded applications on Raspberry Pi, includes customised versions of the powerful Free Pascal compiler and Lazarus integrated development environment for Windows.

Ultibo-Core-2.5.241-Beetroot.exe (217MB)

Make sure you have the latest features and functionality by updating your RTL after installing Ultibo Core, follow the instructions in the wiki to see how.

To install Ultibo Core on Linux download the ultiboinstaller.sh script and follow these simple instructions.

Demo Image

Not sure if Ultibo is what you’re looking for? Download the demo image and see what it can do, full instructions available here. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi you can watch a video of the demo on YouTube.

Ultibo-Demo-1.0.14.zip (5MB)

Ultibo Sources

Full source code to Ultibo Core, Free Pascal and Lazarus plus examples, extras and add ons.

ultibohub GitHub

Raspberry Pi Firmware

Latest firmware and boot files required by Raspberry Pi.

raspberrypi GitHub