How you can help?
There are many ways to support the Ultibo project, one of the simplest is just to tell others about it.

Recommending Ultibo in forums, blogs or social media and posting information about your projects lets others discover what we are doing and helps the project grow.

Joining the Ultibo forum and sharing your knowledge, experience, code and ideas with others helps create a strong and active community and encourages new members to do the same.

If you prefer you can also directly sponsor* the ongoing development of Ultibo by selecting one of the sponsor options below.

You can either select a specific feature to sponsor or simply nominate Ultibo development, all money received through sponsorship is used to fund continued development of Ultibo, by nominating a specific feature you help to guide the priority for future work. If you would like to see other features added to this list please post your suggestions in the forum.



*Why sponsor, why not donate like other projects? Ultibo is based in Australia and the taxation laws only allow registered charitable organizations to accept donations. Ultibo is not currently registered as a charitable organization so any financial contribution is considered a sponsorship of the project rather than a donation.

Corporate sponsorship is also welcome, options exist for direct sponsorship, advertising or partnership arrangements, contact us to discuss how your organization can sponsor and support the Ultibo project.

If you are using or plan to use Ultibo in a commercial product, we can offer a range of services to assist you from advice and information to support or coding. Contact us to discuss your requirements.