What is Ultibo?

What can Ultibo be used for?

How much does it cost?

Is Ultibo based on Linux?

Can I install my favorite apps in Ultibo?

Why would I use Ultibo instead of Linux or Windows IoT?

Can I contribute to Ultibo?

Why Raspberry Pi, why not (name of other board)?

How do I request a new feature?

I think I found a bug, where should I report it?


When will Ultibo support (specific hardware or feature)?

Does Ultibo support all of the Raspberry Pi models?

Can Ultibo access my USB devices like flash drives, keyboards and mice?

Does Ultibo support networks and the internet?

Is Ultibo able to use multiple CPUs?

Can Ultibo be used for IoT (Internet of Things)?

Can Ultibo access files on my USB drives and SD cards?

Can I use an emulator (like QEMU etc) for testing apps I develop with Ultibo?

What if I need more detailed technical information?

Is Ultibo ready for creating real products?


What license does Ultibo use?

Can I use Ultibo in a product I sell?

Do I have to open my source code if I use Ultibo?

Can I modify the Ultibo source code to use in my product?

Getting Started

How do I download Ultibo?

How do I install an Ultibo image on my Raspberry Pi?

Do I need anything else to get started?

Do you have example projects I can start with?

How do I get support?

Where do I buy a Raspberry Pi etc?


What programming language does Ultibo use?

Why not use a language like C, Python or PHP?

I am new to Free Pascal, how do I start learning?

I already have Free Pascal and Lazarus installed, can I just download the source code?

Do I need to be an experienced embedded programmer to use Ultibo?

Can I make graphical applications using forms and buttons etc?

Does Ultibo support multiple languages?


How do I pronounce Ultibo?

What does Ultibo mean?

Who created Ultibo?

How is Ultibo funded?

How can I support Ultibo?

Can I get commercial support for Ultibo?

How can our organization support the Ultibo project?