Those of you with a sharp eye will have noticed that it is only about 6 weeks since we released the last installer update so it is a little surprising to have another one out so soon.

We’ve been working on getting C library support added to Ultibo core for a little while now and as we reached the end of that process it became clear that some fundamental changes were needed to the setup of Free Pascal and the way it compiles Ultibo applications so there was no choice but to build a new installer to include those changes.

Because of the unexpected timing of this release there aren’t as many new features as sometimes but the support for libraries compiled in other languages such as C is not only a very important feature but paves the way for a whole lot more to come. To show off the new support we’ve included an Ultibo specific build of the SQLite database library so you can include SQL DB support in your bare metal applications and we’ve also provided a version of the highly popular Freetype2 library which allows rendering of a variety of font formats including True Type.

Now you might have read the previous paragraph and thought what’s the big deal, doesn’t everything support SQL and True Type fonts these days? If you did, you might have missed the fact that Ultibo doesn’t use any operating system, no Windows, no Mac and absolutely definitely no Linux, just pure pascal code from top to bottom. Now if you don’t think that’s pretty cool then maybe you’re in the wrong place.

As always the latest installer is available from the download page, get your copy now and try it out. For those who might prefer to build their own version for Windows or even for Linux the wiki instructions have also been updated to include the changes made to support libraries.

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