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Postby Gavinmc42 » Wed May 01, 2019 11:56 am

Robotics is one of those fields that required multiple skills, a bit like Model Trains ;)
To get to Master Modeler takes years, same thing with Robotics, in my case decades :oops:

Ultibo has and is making it possible for me to do Robotics at a level way beyond what I thought of a few years ago.
Sure anyone can grab stuff off the shelf and make a Robot.
But I am talking about the Modelrailroader equivalent of starting with some wood, screws and a saw.

So here is the plan for World domination, well my 1/4 acre of it :ugeek:

Starting with LIL I add Fuzzy Logic and some Neural Network Code.
I'm calling this Language Pip, the first of the Piper Robot languages. Piper Mark 0.
Perhaps as a reference to a flying acid spitting mini dragon? Alan Dean Foster, Humanx series.
Basic human interaction bot without it talking or moving.

LIL/Fuzzy - Little Fuzzy = H. Beam Piper.
Beam Robotics = Mark Tilden, insects type bots, buy off the shelf now, RoboSapiens and Hexbots.
Starting from Pip it gets voice recog and talking, This one is called Ted - Piper Mark 1.
Ted because after the The Orville I am now a big fan of Seth MacFarlane.
And I need something to do while waiting for season three.

Piper Mark 2 is Sam, named after a famous Legal Mind and someone I admire, Sir Samuel Griffiths.
After I found out about Prolog this will be a text reading bot that analyzes the Law.
The past 5 years I have been learning the Law, don't ask, it has something to do with our missing Local Government :D
The Law is written in black and white but the legal system works in shades of gray.
So fuzzy logic sounds perfect for the Common law, hence Sam :lol:

Piper Mark 3 is Vic, yep finally the Robot Lawn mower, obviously named after the Victor mowers.
A mobile bot with vision and navigation system for that.

Whoops, garbage bin time - Mark 5? No 5 is alive? "Fem", Swedish for 5.
This needs more thinking but I have orders.

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