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eBook reader

Postby Gavinmc42 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:43 am

Been reading about OpenVG uses and ebook reader came up.
Not sure why I missed this before, but it should be a relatively simple application just to read text.
Mind you, there is not many OpenVG examples around.
Plenty for libraries that use OpenGL to emulate OpenVG :o

The next level is to read PDF's.
Does anyone know if Lazarus/FPC can do this?
Fpvectorial seems like the best place to start but rendering would be different.
Don't know much about PDF file format, time to learn.
https://blog.idrsolutions.com/2010/04/u ... es-stored/
Learning already :D

The much bigger step, next year? is then reading HTML pages, a mini browser.

But in the mean time ...
Some sort of menu is needed, file selection etc.
But an eReader could be extended into a MP3 player etc
Been a while since I themed my Rockbox , oh look a LCARS theme

I have been looking at OS's for the last year or so and about the only one that does not look like Windows/Linux clones is DexOS.
This recently made it to the top of my list due to The Orville.
I started to notice the colour themes and computer graphics.
Not the flat designs like the StarTrek LCARS, which are now everywhere.
Old 3D themes are around but The Orville blended textures look interesting.

File manager, text display,music, video player and calculator. the start of an OS.
Hmm what OS do eReaders use?
The New Hope?
https://hackaday.com/2018/07/25/hope-xi ... e-readers/
Finally outdoor displays.

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