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tinker Board

Postby develone » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:28 pm

Hello All,
I just purchased a tinker board on sale for $49.99 reg price 59.99 at Micro Center in St. Louis. There also a Tinker board S for $86.00.
This is suppose to be like the RPi with 2GB Ram, 1.8GHz 4 core CPU and Mali-T764 GP. My question is does Ultibo run on the Tinker board?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: tinker Board

Postby Ultibo » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:44 am

develone wrote:My question is does Ultibo run on the Tinker board?

Hi develone,

I had to read about the Tinker board to see what it is, have heard the name before but never paid much attention.

While it does a good job of looking a lot like a Raspberry Pi in physical appearance that's where the similarities end so at this stage Ultibo won't work with it because it uses a completely different SoC with different peripherals, USB, GPU etc.

Of course it could be made to work and anyone is welcome to take on porting Ultibo to other boards, for the moment we don't have the resources to support it and right now we are focused on making Ultibo accessible to a wider audience by creating an API that gives access to languages other than Free Pascal.
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Re: tinker Board

Postby Gavinmc42 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:17 am

If someone wanted to port a different SBC or SoC, what files would need to be customized?

new files
ultibo/core/RK3288.pas (bcm2807.pas, bcm2835.pas)

Good luck with the USB, wifi and audio?
Anything else?

Then Lazarus would need to be modified with a tinker.cfg?

Code: Select all

# Raspberry Pi (A/B/A+/B+/Zero) specific config file

Looks like a bunch of other stuff too?
A lot of coding, a very, very big project.

I would start with something simple but useful, maybe Cortex M0/3 processors that could be used as Pi GPIO expanders.
Maybe something already supported by the compiler?

What would be the smallest/simplest CPU to port just so we get an idea of what's involved.
Something that just flashes a LED and that can then be expanded on as a project.
My preference is the ATSAM series as it is common on Adafruit and other designs.

These start at 14pins with limited features, expanding them to bigger ones can be done over time.
Ultibo then becomes an Arduino type IDE as well.
I see this as a more immediate goal as it should be much, much, much simpler and ultimately more flexible and useful.
Quite a few people would have the skills to expand the features and they do have complete datasheets.

The D21's has a USB which can be used as a bootloader.
With 256KB flash, 32KB SRAM it is not a toy :D

But how to start?

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