Support for network link status detection

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Support for network link status detection

Postby Ultibo » Mon May 07, 2018 8:40 am

We are very pleased to announce that the network layer in Ultibo core is now able to fully support binding and unbinding of network transports (such as IP, ARP etc) in response to changes in the link status of the network device.

What that means is that Ultibo can now detect when the network cable is unplugged and respond accordingly by marking the network interface as down and removing the IP address from the list of currently bound addresses, equally when you plug in the cable again it will recognize this and begin the process of acquiring a network address via whatever method has been configured (DHCP, Static etc).

Now that becomes even more important if you start your Ultibo project when the network is not available (for example your switch or router is not ready yet), previously it would attempt to obtain an address for a period of time and then give up, never to try again. With this new functionality in place it will not even try to obtain an address until the network device indicates the link is up and ready to use and then it will immediately begin the process of acquiring an address.

Or what about moving the device from one network to another, as above when the cable is removed it will unbind the current address and on detection of the cable being reconnected it will begin acquiring a new address, even if that happens to be on a completely different network.

The ability to dynamically reconfigure in response to changes is one of the most important elements in making Ultibo a useful tool for real projects, adding this capability for the network builds on the existing ability to dynamically recognize USB devices and the insertion or removal of all types of disks.

For details of how to apply the latest source to your Ultibo core installation and rebuild your run time library see the wiki page Building from Source or watch the Building the RTL video on YouTube. | Make something amazing
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Re: Support for network link status detection

Postby Gavinmc42 » Mon May 07, 2018 12:04 pm

That's sounds like time to make IoT Pi's that only connect when needed.
Probably some serous security issues can be avoided too by doing this?
Also faster boot times as I normally wait for an IP address.

Adhoc networking for temporary networks, ie disaster sites etc?
Mesh networking becomes easier too?
Zero W WiFi throwies?
Solar/battery cameras that power up on movement detection .....

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