Discovering Ultibo Episode 5 and 6 available now

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Discovering Ultibo Episode 5 and 6 available now

Postby Ultibo » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:25 am

We've just released the latest episodes in the Discovering Ultibo video series and we're continuing our exploration of what you can do with Ultibo core.

Episode 5 shows just how simple it is to scroll text on a small 2 line LCD by using the standard console functions, no need to learn a new API for each and every device our 16x2 LCD driver lets you use what you already know in a whole new way.

Part of the fun of creating things is using them and what could be more fun than controlling your gadgets using a tablet, phone or computer. In episode 6 we look at how to use a web page to remote control your projects, if you've ever tried to do this with other tools we think you might be surprised how easy it can be with Ultibo core.

You can find the latest episodes plus the full Discovering Ultibo series on the YouTube channel, hope you enjoy them. | Make something amazing

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