Are you ready for a new tomorrow?

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Are you ready for a new tomorrow?

Postby Ultibo » Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:58 am

You might not have noticed but a revolution has been going on in the past few years, whether you call it embedded devices, the internet of things or just a maker movement, people all over the world are changing the way they look at technology. No longer satisfied just to accept what companies package as a product to sell, individuals young and old are creating their own products and sharing what they learn with others.

The incredible success of the Raspberry Pi is just one example of this revolution in action, with millions of these little computers being sold in just a few short years. You no longer need to be a major corporation or a computer scientist to be part of creating the tomorrow you want to see, anyone, anywhere can get involved and the resources and information are accessible whatever point you are starting from.

We started the Ultibo project because we saw that the traditional way wasn’t creating the things we wanted, along the way we found that we were not the only ones. Your ideas might not be the same as ours, but that’s because they’re your ideas and represent the things that are most important to you. In a great big connected world we can all learn from each other and share what we have learned like never before. is dedicated to helping you be a part of creating your own tomorrow whatever you’d like that to be, join in and be a part of a new tomorrow. | Make something amazing

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