There is a RPi4 on the wild

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Re: There is a RPi4 on the wild

Postby pik33 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:20 pm

Yes, it behaves like a (not very fast) normal Linux PC. I don't need now to switch my PC on to browse the net, the RPi is sufficient

But then they messed up the graphic subsystem using this KMS and breaking compatibility with older software. And the new drivers are SLOW. I hope they will be upgraded and/or there will be a way to bypass them. As it is now, no usable retroemulator can run on RPi4 at 60 fps fullscreen: even glxgears makes 40 fps on the full screen which is of course way too slow. Even Youtube is slow (unusable) when put it on the fullHD KMS driven screen. Switch out the KMS driver and Youtube is fluent again. I stil hope it will be upgraded and bottlenecks will be found and removed.

I have now an access to the old style framebuffer as I switched this KMS off. It means I have no 3D acceleration and OpenGL. With KMS on, the framebuffer stuff doesn't work: only basic functions (get an address, put a pixel) work and I don't know how fast they are yet.


Edit: I have now working bouncing squares demo in Pascal on the RPi4 framebuffer. This opens the possibility to move a Retromalina unit to RPi4/Linux and run the environment on RPi4. I am curious how fast it will redraw the screen on the RPi4

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