Fixes for Raspberry Pi A/A+/Zero USB handling

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Fixes for Raspberry Pi A/A+/Zero USB handling

Postby Ultibo » Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:36 am

Some fixes for Raspberry Pi A/A+/Zero USB handling are now available on GitHub.

A bug was reported that prevented keyboards from being recognized when connected to a Raspberry Pi A+. On investigation a number of issues were identified when USB devices are directly connected to the DWCOTG host controller port as is the case with the Raspberry Pi A, A+ and Zero.

Brief details of changes:

  • Fix incorrect status change reporting when USB devices are disconnected from the DWCOTG root hub.
  • Fix handling of full speed or low speed USB devices (like keyboards and mice) when connected to the DWCOTG root hub.
  • Add USB request cancel and timeout functionality to USB core and DWCOTG host driver.
  • Change USB hub, keyboard and mouse drivers to cancel outstanding requests when the device is disconnected.
  • Add adjustment of host frame interval parameters for the DWCOTG driver, in testing this can provide up to 30% to 50% performance improvement for USB requests.
  • Rewrite USB hub driver thread and completion functions to correctly complete outstanding requests when a hub is disconnected.

Please note that the original issue did not apply to Raspberry Pi B, B+, 2B or 3B as these have a USB hub hardwired into the board, however some of the above changes also improve USB handling for these boards.

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