Fix for NTP client rescheduling

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Fix for NTP client rescheduling

Postby Ultibo » Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:58 am

An update to fix a bug in the NTP (Network Time Protocol) client is now available on GitHub.

A bug was discovered in the way the NTP client was scheduled to retry in the event of a failed time request. Due to the interaction between the regular NTP update timer (normally set at 5 minutes) and the retry timer, created to schedule a fast retry of the NTP request during initial time setting, over time multiple retry timers could become active at once. The eventual result being that all worker threads were consumed in retrying NTP requests and none were available to service other system critical tasks, giving the appearance that the system had completely hung.

The NTP client retry handling has been redesigned to prevent this from occurring, as an extra bonus this also resolves an issue where CPU utilization on a Raspberry Pi A+ or Zero (no network) would steadily increase over several days even with no other activity.

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