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Forum Quick Reference

Postby Ultibo » Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:14 am

As the forum continues to grow it can sometimes be a little hard to find what you are looking for, sometimes you know you saw it somewhere but just can't seem to find it again.

To help keep track of all the good information that has been posted we've put together a list of forum resources that cover a whole range of possible topics, we'll keep updating this as new things are added so it is always as up to date as possible.

Official Resources

Example Projects
Video Tutorials
Video Examples
API Documentation
Current Status
Supported Hardware
Bug Tracking (Temporary)
External Documentation and Resources

Forum Resources

Graphics and displays
How do I include the touchscreen driver unit and use the data in my program?
HOWTO: Draw a bitmap on the screen?
HOWTO: Save all or part of the screen to a bitmap?
How do I take a screen capture of the full screen?
HOWTO: Draw a bitmap on the screen from a memory buffer and/or from a stream?
HOWTO: Use true type fonts (and others) to render text on Graphics Window?
How do I find the width and height of my screen and then capture the complete console screen to a file?
How do I display a PNG or Animated PNG on the screen?

Console, keyboard and mouse
How do I create a console window that uses the entire screen (without a border)?
How do I remove the border and have a completely clear console window?
How to include the mouse unit in your program and call the function MouseRead?
How to detect Ctrl-Alt-Del?
What is the equivalent of ConsoleReadChar that does not echo the keys to the console?
How to determine the coordinates of a console window on the screen?

Files, disk, partitions and drives (FAT, NTFS etc)
How to get the file size from an open handle?
How to get basic information on the connected drives?
See also Example 8 File Handling and the RAM Disk advanced example

Networking and protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP etc)
HOWTO: Include the web status unit in your project?
How to turn on network logging?
How to set a static IP address?
How can I create a REST service using the HTTP unit? (Includes example)
How can I query the network subsystem for an IP address?
How do I specify a static IP in the source code?
HOWTO: Use the activity LED to report the IP address (when no display is connected)
How to specify the Mac address used by the network adapter?

Time and date
Does Ultibo support the concept of time ticks so I can measure an interval?
How to set the timezone in Ultibo?
See also Example 5 Time Date

Free Pascal and Lazarus
How to rebuild the RTL, FPC or Lazarus from source on Windows? or watch the YouTube video
How to build and install the Ultibo edition of FPC and Lazarus on Linux?
How to build FPC and the RTL for Debian Linux?
How to build FPC and the RTL for Raspbian Linux?
HOWTO: Compile your program from the command line?
Why do I get a linker error related to halt?
Can I stop FPC showing warning messages?
Why do we have to build all the source files for the RTL?
Is there a plugin for Lazarus that gives a better visual picture of the code instead of using Project Inspector and Code Explorer?
How can I use the Lazarus IDE to build Ultibo applications under Linux?
What is the option to set in Lazarus for when I click to the right of the source line the cursor will appear at the end of the text?
How to use the Build RTL tool under WINE in Linux?

Libraries and third party components
How do I install Asphyre/PXL (Platform eXtended Library) for use with Ultibo?
HOWTO: Compile a C library for Ultibo?
How to use a scripting engine like PascalScript?
How do I get the Ararat Synapse library to build for Ultibo?

Boards and platforms (QEMU)
How to do both serial input and output in the serial console window in QEMU?
Can I enable mouse wheel support in QEMU?

Boards and platforms (Raspberry Pi)
What are the Raspberry Pi config.txt settings and what do they do?
I have a blank HDMI screen with no signal and one red light on my Pi, what is wrong?
Why do I get a thermometer indicator icon displayed on my screen?
How to boot from a USB device?
What is the mysterious yellow lightning icon that appears on the right upper corner of my screen?
How can I stop the rainbow splash screen from appearing when I boot my Ultibo application?
Is there a function that reports the current system voltage?
Which firmware should I use with Zero W?
How to enable I2C0 (BSC0)

Hardware and devices
How to use the GPIO functions in Ultibo?
How to use the ARM generic timer?
How to use the SPI functions in Ultibo?
How to communicate with my I2C device?
How to use a FTDI USB to Serial converter in Ultibo?
How do I enable serial logging in my program?
How do I specify a timeout on my serial device?
How to get or set the RTC (real time clock) time in Ultibo?
How to send a file via SPI?

Threads, locks and memory
Is the Ultibo RTL and devices threadsafe?
What is the memory map in Ultibo?
How to load code into memory and then execute it?
How to reserve a block of memory?

Drivers and interrupts
What are the basic guidelines to follow if I want to write a driver for Ultibo?
How to use the ARM timer device with an FIQ (Fast Interrupt)?
What are the requirements for writing a USB driver for Ultibo
How to use the USB driver bind functions?
Is the USB endpoint0 counted within the Interrface.Endpoints collection?
How do I read or write to a USB devices endpoints?
How do I disable all interrupts?
How to control which CPU will receive the interrupt and from what address the IRQ procedure will be executed?

Advanced programming
Where is the BootRPi unit included in a project?
Is it possible to use inline Assembler commands?
How can I get a disassembly of my application?
How can I use the NEON/SIMD instructions in FPC?
Is the address of an array the same as the address of its first element?
What are the ARM register conventions?
What registers are available to an assembler procedure that is not called from an FIQ interrupt, but is simply called by another pascal routine?

General programming
How to enable and use the logging output?
How to compile the Ultibo demo?
How do I pass the variables from one unit to another?
What project should I choose from "Create a new project" menu that will run on all current Raspberry Pi models?
How to add a new shell command?
What functions are available for parsing command line parameters?
Is there any way to make a shell command call/run another shell command?
HOWTO: Pass command line parameters to QEMU?
How to add and remove keys from a queue?
Understanding device naming for standard devices.
Redirecting Standard Input, Output and Error.

Updating and deploying applications
How do I update my SD card using HTTP?
What is the command to upgrade the SD card from a USB stick?
How do I update my SD card using TFTP?
A Windows utility to simplify updating via HTTP.
An FTP server for Ultibo
Updating the SD card using a Serial link | Make something amazing

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